Prices and Ordering

Ordering from is very simple. Please allow us to submit our offer on the components you need and we can reach an agreement on the prices.

Price List communicates with its clients on the basis of an individual price list. Price lists are developed for each client based on the ordered quantities and requested delivery times.’s advantage on the Baltic market is speed, flexibility and price. Our market advantage, compared to other importers, is achieved by using different central warehouses. Thanks to our suppliers we have access to warehouses with higher rates of turnover, which are able to offer us more competitive prices and delivery times. We are often able to even offer the same final product components under separate codes, which some of the companies operating on the market are unable to do.

The prices of all products listed in the price list are set based on delivery clause

Supply operates exclusively under Incoterms DDU – Delivered Duty Unpaid (…named place of destination), meaning delivery of the Goods to the location of the buyer at the destination. Regardless of the type of transport, the loading site is designated at the destination. The Seller’s responsibilities include organising and paying for transport.

Technical support does not offer technical support in the form of local technicians. Receipt of the above information and its sharing with clients takes place with the help of third parties.


The Seller provides its goods with a two-year (manufacturer’s) warranty, beginning from the date of delivery. The Seller mediates the manufacturer’s warranty for the sold goods, with the manufacturer compensating for any manufacturing defects in the product. As detailed a description of the problem as possible must accompany the equipment submitted for warranty repairs. The warranty against defects shall not be valid if a defect appeared in the goods due to the improper use or maintenance of the goods. A product that was subject to exchange under warranty will be delivered to the Buyer at the Seller’s expense. In the interpretation of warranty against defects and fixed-term obligations, the Parties will be guided by § 230 of the Law of Obligations Act.