About Us

Supplier.ee’s goal is to offer clients the components they need under the most favourable delivery terms possible. Our goal is to work together with our clients to help them find the most suitable supply chain and to use it to offer the most suitable service. Based on our experiences, we know that the terms and conditions of importers or official representatives frequently fail to meet the needs of our clients, which is why we are offering alternative supply channels for trademarks represented by us (and continuously expanding selection). Through the specified supply channels our clients are able to access warehouses located outside of our region, which due to their available capacity and turnover have an expanded inventory of goods or selection of components available.

Supplier.ee’s main goal is to provide the client with the best possible balance between delivery time and price.

With the help of our cooperation partners, we mainly offer our clients ABB and Entrelec components.
In the case of the above mentioned trademarks, we offer either a better delivery time or price via our supply chains.

Depending on the trademark, our focus is directed towards one indicator or another. For detailed information, please send us an inquiry to info@supplier.ee

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Our focus is on offering components that are in a constant state of demand; and in order to achieve the highest degree of cost-effectiveness possible, we do not wish to compete in the sale of individual components. The given strategy was selected for the purpose of minimising transport costs, based on the location of suppliers and warehouses. The transport cost added to the supply of individual components is frequently not cost effective for us or our clients. If necessary, we submit our offer and direct the attention of clients to the additional transport costs.