Sales and Purchase

We SELL pre-owned machines and tools including spare parts to our customers globally. We have a constantly changing inventory of machines from different manufacturers, conditions and vintage available.

We BUY idle manufacturing equipment and tools from our customers in any condition and from any location globally. We can offer different types of purchasing services to help our customers monetise their idle equipment. We offer cash purchase, consignment and auctions services.

Do not hesitate to contact us if You are looking for second-hand equipment or are ready to sell Your idle manufacturing systems.


We support our customers with equipment and tools current value appraisal for internal and external use. On and off-site appraisal reports can be provided based on customer request.

Trade-in deals

We support our customers with production systems upgrades by reducing the capital expenditure via idle asset trade-ins. We can be either directly involved or as a consulting party.


Based on customer’s request and specifications we can also provide sourcing services for new and pre-owned equipment, tools, spare parts and technical services. We can be either directly involved or as a consulting party.